6,450 (GST Extra, Free Shipping)Foam Options

Internal Dimensions 358 * 358 * 270 mm
External Dimensions 420 * 390 * 278 mm
Bottom Depth 230 mm
Lid Depth 40 mm

Foam Options

Detailed Specifications

  Internal dimensions   358 * 358 * 270 mm (14.09 * 14.09 * 10.63 inches)
  External dimensions   420 * 390 * 278 mm (16.54 * 15.35 * 10.94 inches)
  Bottom Depth   230 mm (9.06 inches)
  Lid Depth   40 mm (1.57 inches)
  Waterproof   Yes
  Material   Polypropylene
  Wheels   No
  Item weight   3.34 Kgs

Compact Hardshell Instrument Case

The Compact Hardshell Instrument Case from Case-N-Foam is designed with precision to meet the needs of those requiring secure storage and transport for sensitive and critical items. With an internal depth of 270mm, including the lid depth, this case offers ample space to accommodate a variety of items. Its well-thought-out dimensions make it an ideal choice for storing items that demand extra care, such as precision instruments, electronic devices, and other delicate equipment. The case’s robust design ensures that everything inside is protected from external pressures and impacts, providing peace of mind during transportation.

A standout feature of this Compact Instrument Case is its capability to store battery packs alongside drones, making it an exceptionally versatile storage solution. The unique custom foam protection offered by CASE-N-FOAM can be tailored to fit the specific contours of your equipment, ensuring that each item is snugly and securely encased. This customization not only maximizes the protection of your items but also organizes them efficiently, allowing for easy access and transport.

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