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Your Premier Partner for Protective Cases and Customized Foam Solutions – Unrivaled Expertise in Delivering Durable, Stylish, and Functional Equipment Storage across Various Industries and Applications.

Case-N-Foam, a brand owned by TOOLFIT, offers a comprehensive range (100+ sizes) of protective carry cases, equipment cases, presentation cases, rifle cases, gun cases, pistol cases, hard plastic cases, and instrument cases for various applications.  TOOLFIT ,pioneers in  foam conversion with more than 12 years of expertise in advanced foam conversion techniques. Leveraging our in-house foam conversion capabilities, our unique offering include the option to customize case interiors with tailor-made foam inserts and foam packing, making us your ultimate one-stop solution for all your equipment storage and protection needs.

Hard Plastic Cases – Cases for protection

We recognize the importance of safeguarding sensitive equipment, military gear, instruments, cameras, drones, Guns and Rifles , Medical equipment, exhibit items, and presentation materials. Our wide range of Transportation cases includes Waterproof Cases (extreme duty Equipment Protective cases) and Non-Waterproof Cases (Medium duty Protective cases) . Our optional Custom foam inlays  offer added protection of your objects in addition to appealing aesthetic appearance .making our product offering ‘ Cases for protection’ in every sense.

Waterproof Cases –EW Series and MAX Series
Case-N-Foam is the Sole and Exclusive Authorized Distributor for Max Cases in India. Max Cases are the waterproof line of cases manufactured by PANARO SRL , a leading producer of plastic molded products with over 60 years of expertise in Injection molding processes. The company which was founded in 1962  is based in Italy making the MAX CASES 100% Made In Italy. The MAX cases have IP67, ATA 300 and military certifications making these cases suitable for a wide range of applications in the Military and defence equipment protection program.

Our Waterproof Cases are Extreme Duty Equipment Protective Cases , which offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts when transporting fragile and valuable objects. These cases are Injection moulded cases with IP levels of upto IP67and.are rugged, durable, and designed to endure rough handling and harsh environments. These cases offer comparable quality to PELICAN, SKB , B&W cases, and HPRC while offered at a more attractive price point.

Non-Waterproof Cases – E Series Our Non-Waterproof Cases (Medium Duty Protective Cases) come in various sizes, catering to a wide array of applications such as presentation exhibits, instrument sales kits, tool kits, demonstration kits, sales and marketing kits, and consumer goods storage. Case-N-Foam is among the few companies offering Equipment Protective Hard Cases with customized foam packing solutions, ensuring added protection and an organized, visually appealing presentation for your products. We also provide customized foam in various color combinations, enhancing the case interior’s appearance. Our custom foam inserts are designed to complement and elevate your product presentation while offering added safety and protection. With over 50 case sizes to choose from and with optimally maintained stock levels , we can support and cater to your urgent and immediate requirements . You can also send us your parts, and we will  handle your case packaging project by creating custom foam inserts machine cut to your product dimensions for a perfect fit.
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