3,150 (GST Extra, Free Shipping)Foam Options

Internal Dimensions 355 * 305 * 162 mm
External Dimensions 385 * 358 * 175 mm
Bottom Depth 130 mm
Lid Depth 32 mm

Foam Options

Detailed Specifications

  Internal dimensions   355 * 305 * 162 mm (13.97 * 12.00 * 6.37 inches)
  External dimensions   385 * 358 * 175 mm (15.16 * 14.09 * 6.89 inches)
  Bottom Depth   130 mm (5.12 inches)
  Lid Depth   32 mm (1.25 inches)
  Waterproof   Yes
  Material   Polypropylene
  Wheels   No
  Item weight   1.95 Kgs

Instrument Safety Hard Case

This Instrument Safety Hard Case model EW3517, stands as the most preferred choice for safeguarding instruments. Renowned for its robust construction, this hard case is specifically designed to offer unparalleled protection. It ensures that your instruments are well-shielded from any potential harm, be it from impacts, environmental factors, or during transportation. What makes this case even more appealing is its competitive pricing, making top-tier instrument safety accessible without compromising on quality.

Dimensionally, the EW3517 model mirrors the UW3517, providing a perfect fit for a wide range of instruments. This precision in design ensures that every instrument is snugly secured, minimizing movement and the risk of damage. The hard plastic material used in its construction is both durable and lightweight, offering ease of transport without sacrificing protection. Whether for professional musicians or hobbyists, the EW3517 Instrument Carry Case is the ideal choice for those who seek reliable protection for their instruments at an affordable price.

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