560 (GST Extra, Free Shipping)Foam Options

Internal Dimensions 333 * 222 * 75 mm
External Dimensions 340 * 274 * 83 mm
Waterproof No
Material Polypropylene alloy

Foam Options

Detailed Specifications

  Internal dimensions   333 * 222 * 75 mm (13.11 * 8.74 * 2.95 inches)
  External dimensions   340 * 274 * 83 mm (13.39 * 10.79 * 3.27 inches)
  Waterproof   No
  Material   Polypropylene
  Wheels   No
  Item weight   0.55 Kgs

Instrument Plastic Box with Handle

The hard plastic carry case with a handle is versatile and can be used as a small hard camera case or for storing equipment and tools. Optional foam inserts can be ordered for added protection. Made of polypropylene, this hardshell protective case provides ultimate protection for your equipment while on the go. It is ideal for travel, as a tool carry box, protective case for musical instruments, carrying case for small electronics, and camera carrying case. These rugged, medium-duty cases are built to withstand rough handling and feature easy-open latches and strong hinges. Our instrument carry cases are of high quality, comparable to international brands such as Rose Plastic cases and WAG cases. Customized foam inserts are available in a variety of color combinations to enhance the appearance and provide added safety and protection for your valuable equipment and instruments. At Case-N-Foam, we are committed to providing the best possible product presentation and protection for your equipment.

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