3,800 (GST Extra, Free Shipping)Foam Options

Internal Dimensions 462 * 372 * 190 mm
External Dimensions 481 * 434 * 211 mm
Bottom Depth 143 mm
Lid Depth 47 mm

Foam Options

Detailed Specifications

  Internal dimensions   462 * 372 * 190 mm (18.19 * 14.65 * 7.48 inches)
  External dimensions   481 * 434 * 211 mm (18.94 * 17.09 * 8.31 inches)
  Bottom Depth   143 mm (5.63 inches)
  Lid Depth   47 mm (1.85 inches)
  Waterproof   Yes
  Material   Polypropylene
  Wheels   No
  Item weight   3.67 Kgs

Lightweight Durable Camera Case

This EW4619 Lightweight Durable Camera Case combines lightweight design with indestructible construction, ideal for photographers seeking robust protection without the bulk. Made from engineered Polypropylene with glass fibre, it offers the durability needed to protect your camera gear while ensuring ease of transport. This case is a nod to the innovation seen in the Pelican Air range, providing similar benefits of reduced weight and increased strength.

Designed for the ultimate protection, the EW4619 can be customized with EVA foam to fit your specific equipment needs. This customization option ensures that each piece of your camera gear has its secure spot, minimizing movement and potential damage. Whether you’re a professional photographer on the move or a hobbyist looking to safeguard your investment, this case provides a perfect blend of durability, lightweight design, and customizable protection.

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